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Virtual Private Servers

Cloud Services:  Virtual Private Servers

Protect Your Data From Fire, Theft, Earthquakes and Tornadoes – don’t wait for a disaster to occur.

Linux or Windows Servers in minutes…
Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) empowers your SMB business or development environment with all the tools and resources you need. Get what you want when you need it. Make a new server for staging and four new servers for production. Delete one, create three more. You only pay for what you use! Scalable, Easy and Always On!


(1) Select a Size for Your Virtual Private Server – Server sizes are measured by the amount of physical memory reserved for your instance and range from 256 MB up to 15.5 GB. (2) Select Your Operating System Choose from Windows 2008, Linux Debian or Linux CentOS.  (3) Your Server is Online in Just a Few Minutes Using the online control panel and each Server can be upgraded or removed as your needs change.


When logged in, you can command, execute and customize your server environment as if you had your own dedicated server, without the headaches of owning one. Each VPS includes the following dedicated-like features: File System, Users/Permissions, Processes, Full root access, IP address(es), Firewall features (including Ports, Tables, Filtering and routing rules) and Use of customized system libraries and configuration files.


To get started simply call or email us today with your plan.  We can discuss recommendations and provide you an exact quote of your monthly or annual costs. Billing is simple. Use your credit card to setup the service and it will be billed direct to your credit card – monthly or annual.


Screenshots of Virtual Private Servers

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Take A Look At The Features:

What is a Virtual Private Server? At the core, virtual private servers are virtualized server environments within a host server at a secure data center that replicates your data across the country to and from other secure data centers. Always Up! Always Secure!

All Virtual Private Servers are priced with one dedicated IP Address, Windows Server 2008 or Linux, 2Ghz CPU Processor and 3600GB Monthly Bandwidth.

Product Description Total
VPS 1 80 GB Hard Drive, 1 GB RAM $80.00 Monthly / $893.00 Annual
VPS 2 160 GB Hard Drive, 2 GB RAM $88.00 Monthly / $983.00 Annual
VPS 3 200 GB Hard Drive, 4 GB RAM $98.00 Monthly / $ 1,094.00 Annual
*Call for additional pricing over 1 Server and different specifications.  All pricing is subject to change.

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